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We are the supplier of these products to major corporations- both domestic and foreign. Despite its relatively short history, the domestic FPCB industry continues to sustain an impressive growth.Our company’s beginnings can be traced back to the FPCB technical research (USA) of 1990, forming concurrently with the start of South Korea’s FPCB industry.

Based on the 5 years of actual manufacturing practice, the FPCB-Consulting Company (CFI) was founded in 1995. Then after 3 years as factory process specialized company (CFE) of the FPCB area, our current company, CIRCUITFLEX, was founded in April of 2000. We built our current factory in June 2006 and applied ourselves to process improvement, technological advancement, equipment development, trouble shooting and quality stabilization.

Through these efforts, we acquired the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy’s NT mark, SQ-mark certification, ISO certification, as well as several other FPCB manufacturing patents and achieved work efficiency and a change to computerized processes through the construction of the ERP-System. We assure you of our best efforts to provide our clients with professional customized services by continuing solid quality control of our products.