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High Heat Rejection METAL BASE FPCB
Thin and light as a low thermal resistance metal board. Three-dimensional molding to PCB is possible and there is no strain caused by thermal expansion.
Transparent FPCB
A transparent FPCB is another kind of conductor used in smart phones than TSP. Actualizes eco-friendly process and production by applying ITO alternative materials and partially using Printed Electronics technology.
3D shaped FPCB
The three-dimensional shape allows excellent moldability by using high-quality LCP. Construction and restoration are possible.
Pressure Sensor Built-in FPCB
Flexible tactile sensors can be mounted on curved surfaces with different curvatures of the hand or glove, etc.
The measurement of the applied pressure can be used to visually reproduce data.
Pressure Sensor Built-in FPCB
Measurement of Brake
Measurement of
Tire Pressure
Measurement of
Result of Measurement